What does a girls orgasm sound like

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Sign in with Facebook.By Tess Barker.Skip navigation!The first time you experience an orgasm feels a lot like you just discovered how to climb Mount Everest but, like, without actually hiking the whole thing, and maybe you found a serious shortcut after trying multiple routes too.If we're honest with ourselves, most of us have no idea what sex actually sounds like outside our own bedrooms.Female copulatory vocalizationsalso called female copulation calls or coital vocalizationsare produced by female primatesincluding human femalesand female non-primates.

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One of the most important things they never teach us in sex ed is that our bodies can feel pleasure, and that is actually very important.

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I'm loud in bed, but I mean, I'm loud as a person, but even by loud-person standards I'm loud in bed.The female orgasm is generally regarded as a magical, mysterious thing.Here's a weird secret: I'm pretty sure the orgasm sounds I make with partners have been influenced by porn.

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